Issues - Bill Hightower


Alabama is on the wrong path. We can not trust the career politicians to fight for the conservative changes hardworking people desperately need. That's why Bill's ALABAMA FIRST PLAN is so important.

Bill Hightower is standing up for the issues that matter most to the hardworking families of Alabama. As a small businessman, Bill is guided by his belief in personal responsibility -- not a cycle of government dependence. He knows that Alabama wasn't built by people with their hands out, but rather by people putting their hands to work.

In the state Senate, Bill Hightower is constantly ranked as one of the most conservative Senators in Alabama. Bill has pushed for smaller government and lower taxes because he knows it leads to thriving families and a strong economy. He opposed the expansion of gambling, fights to shrink government, and sponsored a bill to change Alabama to a flat tax. 

Check out Bill Hightower's ALABAMA FIRST PLAN and learn exactly where he stands on key policy positions.