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Hightower Signs US Term Limits Pledge

We’ll never find the solutions if the country keeps re-electing the same career politicians year after year, the same politicians who tell us one thing at election time but then do nothing when they get to Congress. That must stop now!

Bill Hightower, Republican for Congress, has signed the US Term Limits pledge to create term limits for Congress.

Hightower said: "I pledge to you that I will cosponsor and support legislation to impose term limits on congressmen and senators, so that we can restore the citizen legislature our Founders intended."

"Politicians get too comfortable when they get elected and they are too afraid to make the tough decisions we elected them to make," Hightower continued. I supported term limits in the state legislature and I do not think Congress is any different. We need to impose term limits on the career politicians who are swimming too comfortably in the DC Beltway swamp!"

Shanna Chamblee, Legislative Director for US Term Limits, said: “We at U.S. Term Limits applaud Bill Hightower’s history of Term Limits support and his pledged commitment to work toward restoring our Citizen Legislature through Congressional Term Limits.”


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Bill Hightower, a longtime resident of South Alabama, is a small businessman and former Alabama state senator (2013-2018) who was consistently rated one of the state’s most conservative legislators.

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