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Hightower Responds To Delayed Alabama Republican Run-Off

Conservative candidate for Congress Bill Hightower issued the following statement in response to the decision to delay the Alabama Republican run-off election.

Bill Hightower said: "Since President Trump's declaration of National Emergency, our campaign has prepared for the potential postponement of the Alabama Republican run-off election for the 1st Congressional District. President Trump and his Administration have provided strong leadership in issuing guidance to states about the importance of public health vigilance during the coronavirus outbreak. This announcement is simply one more step in accordance with those recommendations."

"America has faced daunting challenges in the past, but one of the characteristics that has made our nation uniquely exceptional is our resiliency and ability to overcome what is put in front of us. This includes the coronavirus. We must all be mindful to heed the President's direction, and take appropriate precautions with all social interactions. Together we will overcome this challenge as well."

"I hope everyone will join me in continuing to pray for our great country."