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Hightower Leads on Reforming Montgomery

Bill Hightower stands as the lone candidate for Governor of Alabama ready to reform Montgomery for the people of Alabama. Releasing his campaign's comprehensive policy agenda to put "Alabama First" in February, Hightower has put his plans into action by working to enact legislative term limits, reform Alabama's tax code, and reducing waste by ending the state's antiquated earmarking system.

Just last month, Hightower's legislation, SB 127, would have imposed legislative term limits in both the State House and State Senate. Currently, most other constitutional offices in Alabama have term or age limits.

Despite overwhelming support for term limits, the career politicians stood against the people in this historic vote. The average tenure of those who opposed Hightower's legislation was 12.3 years, more than the 12-year limit included in SB 127. In fact, five Senators who opposed SB 127 have served over 20 years in the Alabama State Senate.

As highlighted by The Associated Press: "The legislation has been proposed for years but never reached a vote. State Sen. Bill Hightower, the Republican sponsor, pointed out that the Alabama governor is term limited, as well as most other constitutional offices. The legislature's vote against term limits for Montgomery contradicted a recently passed state resolution by the same legislators 2 months ago, which called Congress to term limits."

Alabama Today pointed out how popular Hightower's proposal is with voters when they said "According to a poll commissioned by United States Term Limits... 84% of Alabamians want term limits placed on Members of Congress, but only nine state senators voted to bring a term limits bill to the floor for debate on Wednesday."

In addition to forcing this historic vote on term limits, Hightower has led the way by advancing legislation to reform Alabama's tax code (SB 187 and SB 375) to make it more friendly to business development in the state.

You can read more about Hightower's reform policies at Alabama-First.com