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Hightower Launches First TV Ad

Former state Senator and conservative Republican for Congress in Alabama's open 1st congressional district Bill Hightower (R-AL) launches his first campaign ad of the Primary Election. The ad highlights Hightower's trusted record of fighting for Alabama on key issues like protecting the sanctity of Life, defending our religious liberties, and standing for conservative values.

The ad buy is district-wide, will total six-figures, and will continue through the March 3rd Primary Election. Watch the ad here:

Voiceover: The Bible says you will know them by their fruits. Bill Hightower passed the law protecting Christian adoptions and Bill Hightower protects the unborn. He wrote the bill that banned the sale of unborn body parts. Our religious liberties are safe in the hands of Bill Hightower. A Christian. A conservative. A defender of our constitution, our President, and our values. Bill Hightower for South Alabama. Bill Hightower for Congress. Bill Hightower: I'm Bill Hightower and I approve this message.


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