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Hightower Declares Candidacy

“Without new leadership you will not get new results. We cannot expect Montgomery insiders to come up with solutions to fix our problems in a fundamental way. It’s just not in their nature."

With those words, conservative businessman Bill Hightower announced his campaign for Alabama governor today.

In front of supporters and well-wishers in his hometown of Mobile, businessman and state senator Bill Hightower (R-Mobile) declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination as Governor of Alabama.

Bill currently runs several small businesses - crucial experience that makes him uniquely qualified to contribute job-growing policies for hard-working families in Alabama.

Bill Hightower understands that Montgomery is broken and it needs real change to bring real hope to communities all across Alabama. That’s why Bill first ran for the Alabama Senate and he has seen firsthand that career politicians are the not the solution to Alabama’s problems – principled, common-sense conservative leadership is.

Hightower's campaign released his first video of the campaign, entitled "Conservative Outsider"