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Hightower Calls Impeachment a National Travesty

Conservative candidate for Congress Bill Hightower (R-AL) today responded to the impeachment of President Trump by the Democratic House of Representatives.

Bill Hightower said: "Today's impeachment of President Trump is a national travesty."

"The radical Left has been out to get Donald Trump from day-one and today they sent a clear message to voters that they are more concerned with their political vendetta than actually getting things done for the American people.

"The American people deserve better than they are getting from this do-nothing Democrat-led House of Representatives. I am running for Congress to be an ally of President Trump and support his agenda to build the wall on our southern border, bring back manufacturing jobs, and fight for our Christian values."


Bill Hightower is a small businessman rated among the most conservative state senators in Alabama. In Montgomery, he pushed for smaller government and lower taxes – even sponsoring legislation to change Alabama to a flat tax.

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