Bill Hightower Announces Campaign for Congress -

Bill Hightower Announces Campaign for Congress

Hightower_logo_stack_L_copy.jpgFormer State Senator Bill Hightower (R-Mobile) today announced his candidacy for Alabama’s open First Congressional District.

Bill Hightower said: “After much thought, discussion with my family, and prayer I am proud to announcement my candidacy to serve Alabama’s First Congressional District in Congress. South Alabama have given me and my family so much, I cannot sit on the sidelines as our nation is facing so many challenges.”

Bill_Hightower_0132_copy_2.jpg“Washington is completely dysfunctional, and the people of south Alabama need a congressman who will fight for us each and every day in Congress to make sure our priorities and our values are represented. I will proudly stand with President Trump’s efforts to build the wall on our southern border, cut wasteful government spending that is bankrupting future generations, and defend the sanctity and dignity of each and every life.”

“The radical liberal leadership of Nancy Pelosi and AOC is taking us down a dangerous path of socialized medicine, open borders, and socialism. Without new leadership, we will not get new results, and you cannot expect Washington, DC liberals to come up with the solutions to fix the fundamental problems facing our nation.”

“I plan on taking my positive message of Alabama values and putting Alabama first directly to the voters of the First Congressional District. I look forward to talking with voters, meeting with voters, and hearing from voters their concerns, hopes, and ideas to strengthen our community and country,” concluded Hightower.


Click here to learn more, volunteer, or donate to Bill Hightower's campaign.

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