Campaign News - Bill Hightower


Hightower Signs US Term Limits Pledge

We’ll never find the solutions if the country keeps re-electing the same career politicians year after year, the same politicians who tell us one thing at election time but then do nothing when they get to Congress. That must stop now! Bill Hightower, Republican for Congress, has signed the US Term Limits pledge to create term limits for Congress. Continue reading

Bill Hightower Announces Campaign for Congress

Former State Senator Bill Hightower (R-Mobile) today announced his candidacy for Alabama’s open First Congressional District. Continue reading

Campaign Update

Since Congressman Byrne’s U.S. Senate campaign announcement, I have been honored by the many calls I have received urging me to launch a campaign for Congress in Alabama’s 1st District. I believe public service is a high calling and I do not take these encouragements lightly. Continue reading

National GOP organization selects Bill Hightower

GOPAC has selected Bill Hightower for its 2017 Emerging Leaders program. For years, GOPAC has been a force in national Republican politics in support of leaders who focus on conservative principles to help create jobs and make government more effective.  Continue reading