Campaign News - Bill Hightower


Hightower Calls Impeachment a National Travesty

Conservative candidate for Congress Bill Hightower (R-AL) today responded to the impeachment of President Trump by the Democratic House of Representatives. Continue reading

Team Hightower is Growing - Jon Harris Named Campaign Manager

Bill Hightower, candidate for Congress in Alabama’s open First Congressional District, announced today that Jon Harris will serve as his campaign manager. Continue reading

Bill Hightower Qualifies For Ballot

Former Republican state Senator and conservative candidate for Congress in Alabama's open First Congressional District Bill Hightower (R-AL) today filed with the Alabama Republican Party in Montgomery to formally be a candidate for Congress. Continue reading

Bill Hightower Welcomes Endorsement of the Club for Growth PAC

Bill Hightower, conservative Republican candidate for Congress, is the only candidate in Alabama’s first congressional district to be endorsed by the conservative Club for Growth PAC. Bill Hightower is campaigning on his commitment to fight for President Donald Trump's Pro-Taxpayer Agenda. Continue reading "Conservative group poll shows Hightower with strong lead"

“Bill Hightower is well positioned to win the Republican primary in Alabama’s First Congressional District”          – Club for Growth PAC President David McIntosh   A new poll in the open Republican primary in Alabama’s 1st congressional district to succeed Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) shows conservative and former State Senator Bill Hightower (R-AL) with a commanding lead over his primary opponents. The poll of 400 likely Republican primary voters, commissioned by the Club for Growth, showed Hightower with 34%, while his nearest competitor in the four-way field with just 16%. Continue reading

Hightower Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Bill Hightower, conservative Republican candidate for Congress in Alabama’s first congressional district, signed Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Continue reading

Hightower Signs US Term Limits Pledge

We’ll never find the solutions if the country keeps re-electing the same career politicians year after year, the same politicians who tell us one thing at election time but then do nothing when they get to Congress. That must stop now! Bill Hightower, Republican for Congress, has signed the US Term Limits pledge to create term limits for Congress. Continue reading

Bill Hightower Announces Campaign for Congress

Former State Senator Bill Hightower (R-Mobile) today announced his candidacy for Alabama’s open First Congressional District. Continue reading