Bill Hightower


The Pro-Trump Conservative for Congress. A Christian, a defender of our Constitution, and our President.

Times like these make it crystal-clear: Donald Trump is the leader America needs. And our great President needs conservative Republican Bill Hightower in Congress to help him defeat the socialist agenda, re-ignite our economy, and hold China accountable for their deadly pandemic.

Bill Hightower has always had Trump’s back. He even campaigned for Trump during the 2016 campaign and remains a strong Trump supporter today. And Bill has always had our back, too. He fought for tax reform, for coastal insurance reform, to defend the unborn, and to build the wall along our southern border to crack down on illegal immigration.

Bill Hightower, a longtime resident of South Alabama, is a small businessman and former Alabama state senator (2013-2018) who was consistently rated one of the state’s most conservative legislators. Bill is married to Susan Binegar Hightower, and they have three children and three grandchildren. Bill originally moved to Mobile in 1968, with his mom and dad, when his father established one of the first Open Heart Surgery Centers on the gulf coast.

In his youth, Bill worked at his grandparent’s farm (where he became an avid sportsman), cleaned swimming pools, and also worked as a laborer on construction projects.

Bill graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Business degree, and later receive his M.B.A. from Vanderbilt University.

Bill has worked with Fortune 500 corporations including Emerson Electric, AlliedSignal, Eaton, and Balfour-Beatty. In 2002, shortly after the terror attacks of September 11, Bill returned home to Mobile, to be closer to family.

He now runs several small businesses. His business experience makes him uniquely qualified to contribute job-growing policies for hard-working families in Alabama.


Bill is a Board Member to Outback America, a Christian organization that holds family camps in Mobile and other cities; a Board Chairman of a local Christian School; a Board Member to N.E.S.T., a local organization servicing the needs of the Strickland Youth Center; and an Executive Committee Member of the Alabama and Mobile Republican Parties.

In the Alabama State Senate, he chaired the Constitution, Ethics, and Elections Committee, was vice chair of the Banking and Insurance Committee, and served on the General Fund, Fiscal Responsibility, and Economic Development Committees.

Over the years, Bill has been active as:

  • Board member of JH Ranch, a Christian family camp
  • Board member of Bethany Christian Adoption Services
  • United Way Corporate Chairman
  • The National Prayer Breakfast
  • Counsel Member on the Alabama State Health Planning Counsel
  • American Legislative Exchange Council's Tax & Fiscal Policy Task Force
  • Lifetime Member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), with “A” rating as a legislator
  • Republican Executive Committees for Alabama and for Mobile County