Hightower Unveils New Campaign Ad - BillHightower.com

Bill Hightower is the Pro-Trump Conservative for Congress

Bill Hightower (R-AL) just unveiled his latest ad in the Republican run-off election race in Alabama's First Congressional District. “Trustworthy” details Hightower’s long-record of fighting for South Alabama’s priorities and standing side-by-side with President Trump even before he was elected in 2016. 

Times like these make it crystal clear, Donald Trump is the leader we need and he needs conservative Bill Hightower in Congress to help him re-ignite our economy and hold China accountable for their deadly pandemic.

After all, Bill Hightower’s always had Trump’s back... even campaigned for him. And Hightower’s had our back too -- fighting for coastal insurance reform, cracking down on illegals, defending the unborn, and stopping the I-10 toll.


Bill Hightower is the Pro-Trump Conservative for Congress. A Christian, a defender of our Constitution, and our President. Learn more at BillHightower.com.