Jerry Carl is Lying -

Jerry Carl is Lying

Jerry Carl is lying to voters, and Bill Hightower has called on Carl to take down his scurrilous, false ad.

"Throughout this campaign, I have worked to run a positive campaign," said Hightower. "I’ve talked about my pro-life record, fighting to ban the sale of unborn baby body parts and authoring the resolution to hold Doug Jones accountable for his vote against the common-sense Pain Capable legislation. I’ve talked about my work to defend religious liberties and protect Christian adoptions. And I’ve talked about my well-established support for President Trump and his agenda, including building the wall and reducing the tax burden on hard working Alabama families."

FACT: Jerry Carl needed to resort to photoshopping a picture to level his lie. Bill Hightower has been a strong supporter of President Trump and even campaigned for candidate Trump in 2016. 

Bill Hightower said: “Jerry needed to manufacture a fake image by photoshopping a “Never Trump” sticker on me. Show me the original picture, Jerry, explain where that picture came from. You can’t though, because I never have and never would wear a “Never Trump” sticker. That’s just dishonest, deceptive.”

“And when President Trump became our standard-bearer, I was proud to campaign in support of him and Mike Pence. In fact, I stumped in Alabama on a Trump-Pence bus tour that you can clearly see here,” continued Hightower.”

FACT: A picture speaks a thousand words, Bill Hightower voted in the 2016 Republican presidential primary.

“I can’t explain why Jerry Carl has decided to start the run-off campaign with these lies. What I do know is that I am committed to running my campaign on the issues facing hard-working South Alabama families. I will talk about these important issues. But Jerry must stop with the lies, stop with the deceptions, and I call on Jerry Carl to take down his dishonest and desperate commercial.”

“I always considered Jerry a friend before this race. Jerry has a choice to make: continue lying for sake of scoring cheap political points or start telling the truth so he can look himself in the mirror when this race is over,” concluded Hightower.