News - Bill Hightower


National GOP organization selects Bill Hightower

GOPAC has selected Bill Hightower for its 2017 Emerging Leaders program. For years, GOPAC has been a force in national Republican politics in support of leaders who focus on conservative principles to help create jobs and make government more effective.  Continue reading

Hightower Statement on Sen. Sessions

Congratulations are in order for Senator Jeff Sessions on being selected for our next Attorney General. Continue reading

Hightower is Standing Against Tax Increases

It's no secret that Bill Hightower has been fighting for lower taxes for hardworking families. He believes now is the time to stand up and make sure our voices are heard. Continue reading

Leading on Coastal Insurance Reform

Bill Hightower successfully passed Coastal Insurance Reform Legislation to: expand insurance premium price discounts, create grants for homeowner roof fortification, increase tax-free catastrophic event savings account levels, & assist homeowner’s by providing innovative financing fortification improvements. Continue reading